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Japan National Research Institute Library Consortium (JNLC) was established in August 2008. As of January 2010, it consists of 16 independent administrative institutes funded by the Japanese government. JNLC welcomes new participants from research laboratories belonging to different ministries in Japan.Contact and web information of individual member institutes is available at the
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JNLC aims to

  • share information related to library management and relevant issues, such as online journal/eBooks licensing,
  • act as a scalable and efficient way to communicate with publishers, researchers and governments in the world,
  • share and study an advanced library service technology in digital world,
  • survey and research statistical usage of digital library information,
  • communicate and work together with Japanese university library consortia,
  • communicate with governmental organizations, such as Japan Science Council and others, to share understanding of research environment towards innovative and sustainable library services.

Current issues

JNLC addresses current issues related to new governmental policies, such as (i) how to reach sustainable subscriptions, (ii) how to manage and produce advanced library services under the recent budget reductions, which exceed 5%/year on average. JNLC understands that research environment is drastically changing in the digital-oriented era and is becoming more innovative and competitive. In respond to these changes, we are happy to study and work together with publishers and academic societies towards a flexible and optimized subscription model.

Member institutes (alphabetical)

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for details of each library campus.